How to make a CV (or resume)?

Contact information in the resume

Regardless of how to write a resume and how to write a CV, the contact information section in each CV, with each usage, will be the first part of the CV and will be located at the top of the CV. The contact information in the resume is divided into short sections of the contact information, personal profile, and job searching social network links such as LinkedIn, the section summary description or the brief segment. We will talk about more details about how to build each of these parts of the resume and discuss their standards and how to make the CV.

Personal information in the CV

while building a resume, it does not matter how to make a cv, and our sample CV is a job searching resume (English job searching CV or job searching resume), or a curriculum vitae (English curriculum vitae), emigrational Resume, English CV, Academic CV, College CV, Educational CV, Professional resume or any kind of resume with any usage. Your contact information should follow specific rules while writing the resume in all of these goals.

The first one you will see in the CV, in the contact information part of your resume (or CV) is your portrait. You might not be interested in placing your photo in a CV, but if you decide to upload the picture in your resume, you should use official photo shots and do not put any of the more commonly used abnormal photographs. For instance, in one example of the filled-in CVs, Someone used his self-portrait in nature to build his resume. Be careful do not use abstract images in your making job resume and writing your CV.
The next step, which is the simplest part of the CV builder, is your personal information section, such as your first name, surname, marital status, military service status, and your date of birth (DOB). Note that when you create a resume or CV, write a name in its own package, it's been observed that some online resume and CV maker users write both first name and surname in the last name section of the resume maker form.

The next step of the online resume builder is the gender section. Maybe you ask what it is necessary to specify in the resume gender, while in the CV of each person, his name can present his gender. It is definitely right for you and we will not exhibit this section in your resume. The main cause for putting a gender part in the online CV maker form is that the (online free resume maker site), moreover the resume consultation, and how to write a resume and how to build online the most professional resume of the English version, is also your link to the employers and recruiters.

To do this task, you must complete the CV or resume then finally register on online resume maker website_ in the last step of the resume builder form_ the job application / continuing education section, click Job seek (by choosing this option, your CV in the jobs section will be Displayed for the employer and the companies on the contract side of and also the job category, job title, type of partnership (part-time, full-time, project, etc.) and the minimum salary that you requested.
Be careful that the employers and recruiters who search for an employee in the _online resume builder website_ resumes has a lot of screening tools to identify the proper person for their company in the shortest time and with the best selection. One of these resume screening tools is the person's gender. Because of the nature of the job, the employer's taste, the terms and conditions of that company and the organization, or for any other reasons, the gender of the employed person is important to the recruiter and prospective employer. In this case, chance of choosing your professional resume and your employment will be increased by at least 50% because the resume of all job seekers of the opposite sex is filtered and removed by the employer, so by ignoring this resume section, do not decrease the possibility of selecting your resume and eventually hiring yourself on the job path. The other part of the online free resume builder is the military service situation section on, which is one of the essential elements in the resume. Enter the last part of the personal profile of the resume, birthday, day, month, and year of birth.

Resume contact information

The contact information section in the CV includes your email address, cell phone number and fixed phone number. If you have a personal website, include in resume your website address, then country, province, city, and address of your residence. At the first step in this time, you should enter your email address in the resume. Be sure to use an official email address while making your online resume, and do not use unofficial emails like or in writing your resume. As much as possible, use an email in the resume that includes at least your first name or last name, or it can be a mixture of those and a Meaningful number (for example, your year of birth). For example, or such formats that are suitable for utilization in your well-written and professional resume.

The next step is to embed the mobile number in the resume. Make sure to write your mobile number in the resume and never fill in the email address and be sure to complete the resume contact information section. Because in the job searching partition, the employer may pick up your resume but can not contact you easily and in the shortest possible time, and thus you will be relieved of your employment and you will miss the chance to get hired and find employment rapidly. The other part does not include all the résumés and is special for people who have a personal website and they put their portfolio and resume on the personal website.

Subsequent parts of the resume are country, city and province. This section is also designed to help your choices by employers in our job searching and recruitment section. Employers can also use provincial and urban filters resumes with screening tools in the job seeking and job searching sector, as job vacancies on the resume and job site are broken down by country, state, province, city. So make sure to fill out these résumé sections perfectly to increase your chances of hiring in your city. Your home address is not displayed in the resume and it is used for the purposeful selection of the prospective employer. Be careful, you might imagine that the part that does not come in the resume is not worth the time to fill out, but we want to give you an illustration of the value of these sections of resume.

Imagine a recruiter on the professional resume creator site looking for a programmer, Female, a resident of USA, west of USA to hire in her company. Assume that our online CV maker site has 500,000 applicants for programming in their job searching. In this situation, the chance of choosing your resume is equal to one in five thousand. Now let us calculate the possibility of seeing your CV after activate each one of the resume filters on existing CVs in online resume maker website. If the employer refines the person's resume based on the gender, a large number of competitors' résumés are set aside and the probability that your resume for seeing and choosing will be increased almost 50%.

The online CV maker and job searching website "", daily has a lot of users through out of the world that looking for same job that you are looking for, and there are huge amount of resumes from of our client side in each field and industry. It's interesting to know that out of the 50,000 CVs registered at this site; more than 90% of the applicants who submitted their resume in the site occupation and employment area are for our employers on our job-recruitment and online resume maker website.
So far, just by applying a filter on the resumes of the professional resume and CV builder site, almost half of the user's documents (25,000 resumes from 50,000,000 prepared resumes) were omitted.

Now let us assume that the recruiter, in addition to the gender filter, will activate the country or State filter to resumes on the online free CV builder. In the worst case, half of the resumes (if we consider that half of the resumes of the online CV maker site are professional and online resumes for the residents of that specified country or State), the most optimistic example is that the resumes of the users are equal from each zone, which is in This is the probability of looking at a resume and picking up your resume at least 50% and at best (the resumes of each zone are equal), the probability to watching the resume and the election of your resume will grow up by more than 90%. Now you can obviously find out the price of these resume builder partitions and if you are really decided to find the suitable job, fill out the parts that are specific to the job and job placement area.

Brief description of the resume

This segment of the resume builder form without any exaggeration is the most important and hardest part of making resume and job searching progress. Because you should write in the two best three lines the best skills and capabilities associated with the job opportunity you want in your CV. perhaps you ask me the question that I want to send job requests for multiple vacancies and how to describe my Brief description of my resume with all of those jobs opportunities. Note that you are not supposed to use the same resume for each job vacancy, but each time your resume is customized and the resume should be written for the same position. Of course, the personal information of the resume and the contact info of the resume and the academic CV are not changing and still fixed. But you need to modify your form in the online resume builder for every job vacancy and any job title you suppose to apply for.
So now it's oblivious to you, once we tell that you should write related summary description of that specific job in your resume. In this section of the resume building, escape personal descriptions and you do not need to write your name in this resume section. A concise, useful and attractive paragraph of your most important achievements in previous jobs and the most relevant marketing skills that is appealing to your employer. In the brief resume partition, Use numbers and graphs to make such a resume to illustrate your skills and achievements.

For instance in explaining the Abstract of the CV, I have trained 10 entry level sales clerk as sales manager of company for a year in that organization, which increased the company's daily selling up to 10%. As you can watch in this example, I write the measurable achievements in writing the summary of the CV, and writing a personal description of the resume like this, I've avoided the teamwork ethic and the ability to manage and lead a big team. Because the same figures and measurable achievements in the description of the brief of the CV, Shows and proves the spirit of the teamwork and my ability in management and leading.
By the way, in terms of employer, writing resume in this way is more attractive. Because he wants to know what you will add to his company. Be careful while you writing a descriptive summary of a deceptive and professional resume in your resume, hiring a recruiter at the very first glance, and it's better to know that 80% of the resumes at the first impression are omitted by the employer, so try to write a resume that set yourself among the 20% selectable.

Social Networks

The social networking section in the resume includes the LinkedIn profile address in the resume maker, the telegram ID in the resume, the Twitter ID in the resume, the Facebook profile address and the Instagram page address in the resume.
Choosing your resume and as a conclusion, your recruitment is conditional on being different and ahead of you. So be sure to create a link page for yourself and connect it to your resume, because employers will review the people you are working on Linkedin and use other rescue social networks that are embeded for your resume. For example, you are an industrial photographer and post your portfolio on your instagram profile. You can place your instagram address in the resume's social networking section to provide your resume portfolio. Moreover, it's optional that you can use the resume's address for each of the 5 social networks available in the CV builder. For this job, just click on the green circle in the resume builder form to increase the number of boxes in the social network resume section. Though, to cancel any of the social networking boxes in the CV form, click on the cross-check mark on the side of the chat box and remove it from your form. Fortunately, you complete the resume personal information section, and now it's the time the resume is created, that is, the resume section, click on the blue button on the left side of the page to enter the next resume section.

Education in the resume

Starting this section is a resume with a degree in the resume. After that, you have to choose your study field in the resume. Note that you can use this database and CV maker vocabulary words for the field of study. In the next step, complete resume writing your professional resume in the CV builder online. The next step is to build a resume based on the fact that you have completed a diploma and a post-diploma education (in a resume for a postgraduate and post-graduate degree including government schools, nonprofit schools, honors schools, and state-run schools) or a university degree (in a resume The type of higher education institutions include state-owned, non-profit, liberal, enlightened, and applied sciences), choose your type of college.

In the next step, write a resume to name your univercity. Please note that due to the fact that there are people who have studied abroad, we also have the option to choose a country of study in this section of the resume. The final step in the academic history is the start date and the end of date your education for each level. If you are not yet graduated, just enter the year of entry into the resume and then select the curriculum vitae you are studying.

Well, the second part of writing the resume was completed in English resume, and only three steps have been to finish and complete your English resume. The third step in writing the resume is by Resume Manager Online Resume Records.

Work history in the Resume 

The Resume Job Recruitment section begins by selecting a career title. Be informing that in this segment of your resume you should select one of the categories in the list and it is not possible to write the job title in the online resume making tool. The next one is your job position in a company or organization that presents the details of the job you were in that job title.

In the next part in writing a online professional resume, select one of the employment center options. On this section basis of the Resume, if you own a self-employed option, self-employment and, if you work through a freelancing job (for the same person or organization or company as a remote and project), the Freelancer option (or Choose the free freelance in the online resume.

In the other step of creating CV, enter the name of your employment location in the resume. In the next part, specify the in resume your type of partnership (full-time, part-time, project, hourly), and then specify the level of seniority (entry level, average, general manager, senior, senior manager). In the next one partition, keep a proper history of where you worked the country, the state or province and the city where you worked. And in the final step of this part of the resume, write down your achievements and if you are still working in that collection, just write the start date in the resume, and then I'm busy working in this series in the resume..
Unlike other online resume maker sites and recruitment and job seeking and job searching sites, this online hiring and recruiting website "" has not put any limitations on the number of fields in resume maker form and in the resume for users, and you can easily record any number of career records you want in the resume. Insert your own resume when writing your resume. Just click on the green circle to expand your career history sections in your resume and resume.

This part of the recruitment resume is also finished and you will get closer to the resume, English resume and generally to each kind of resume template you want to build.

Skills, Foreign Language skills, Certificates and Documents in the Resume

The fourth step in writing the resume is the skills section in the resume. This segment of the job provider resume includes four main steps of the language skills in the resume, an Empirical Resume Section, courses and Certifications resume Section, and Honors Section in online Resume and Resume Recruitment.

The first part of this section in the online resume maker and CV builder is the language section. This section of the resume contains four main skills of each language: reading skills, writing skills, listening skills and speaking skills. You can insert as many languages as you want in the Resume Language section. To put an additional language to your resume, just click on the green circle, then select the language of the resume from the resume list and specify your language proficiency in the four language skills.

The second part of the CV making online, skills section is related to the marketing and bold skills in your online resume. In the experimental Skills section, write down the software and computer skills, expertise and abilities that you have not learned in the academic and institute and workshop environment, either individually or in the workplace, in the experimental Resume section. Please be inform that there are no limitations in this section and you can write unlimited number of skills that you want in your resume.

Part III is part of the Resume Professional skills section for courses and certifications in a resume (or CV). In this part of the free resumes, list your skills and abilities you have passed in the school and college and other institute and have received a certification for them in your employment recruitment and job searching.

The last part of the skills segment in the free online resume maker without any limitation is related to the honors in your CV (it does not matter that your resume is a business and job resume, academic resume, educational or postgraduate or college or school resume or study resume, recruitment resume, resume sample, CV). Type the honor and achievements you have achieved at the university and the previous exhibitions and jobs in your recruitment resume.

The third part of the online resume and cv builder has come to an end, and you're another step in having a professional resume (no matter how your resume is resume, resume, resume, English resume, recruitment resume, resume sample, resume resume) You are closer. In each section, you can click on the green circle of each section to add language, experimental skills, certifications and honors. The fifth step in writing the resume is to hire and resume a resume or resume, the project department.

Projects and research in the resume

This section of the resume builder form contains two main sections of the researches and articles in the resume and the project section in the resume. The research section and articles contain four options of the book, articles, thesis and other in the CV maker. In the first step, select this resume option, specify the type of effect in the resume, and then enter your title in the title field. In the other step of writing and making the online free professinal resume, write the publisher's name, if the online edition of the book or article you are reached in the link section of the form, and connect it to your CV. In the final step, publish your work year and month. If you need any explanation, you can use the Resume Editor section and write your text in this section of the Resume Editor.

The second part of this section of Resume maker is project in the online resume maker form. To enter your project information in the first step, write this resume section, enter the name and title of your project, and then the name of the customer and the project usage. If your project is online, you can write related resume in your job CV, and in the final step, include in the date of the project, which contains the year and month of the project. In this section, there is no limit to the number of projects that you decide to write in your form of resume maker, just click on the green circle as in the previous parts to add the box.


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