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Are you familiar with all kinds of resume and application?

There are several basic types for resumes that you can use to apply for job opportunities . You can write a resume based on chronological order, or a resume based on your skills and abilities, or a combined resume, or a targeted resume. each kind of resumes is used for a different applications and goals. When selecting a resume type with a specific structure, you should think about your current situation and condition (work history, job related skills, personal abilities, qualifications, etc). (How to write a resume?)

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Chronological order resume

A timeline resume starts with your work experience, the last job position at the beginning of the work experience list. After your latest job position, other jobs are listed in the same way (from the last job to earliest job position). Employers and recruiters often wants this kind of resume because it is easy to find out in your resume to find out what you did in what year and in which companies you did it. (Remove these 6 items from your resume! )

"Chronological Resume is the Most Common Type of Resume"

This type of resume is very suitable for people who are looking for work with a strong work experiences. But if you want to start working or change your career field, it's better to use another type of resume. 

Functional Resume

A functional resume focuses more on your skills and abilities than your work experience. So instead of having a work experiences section on top of the resume, you need to have a section of professional experience or achievements to list your skills there. Of course, a resume of skill sometimes has a summary of the resume in the top, which explain your skills and achievements. You do not need to have your resume containing all work records, but may be part of a job record list at the bottom of the resume (usually 2 to 3 recent jobs are enough). For young and entry level people who do not have a strong resume and have little experience, this resume can be a good option and a good launch pad. So, with a full color of skills comparing to work experience, you can be sure that you qualify for that job.(How to write a resume)

"Resource skills are often suitable for people who have changed their jobs or have a time gap between their jobs, as well as for those who are new to the job market and have limited work experience."

Combined resume

A mixed resume is a mix of chronological resume and functional resume. At the top of the resume, there is a list of skills and competencies, followed by a work experience of the individual; however, the focus of the resume is not on the work history. With this type of resume, you can highlight the skills that are relevant to your job, and you can also showcase your work experience .Because all employers want to see your work history, even if it is not very large. This kind of resume will help you highlight what shows you how much this job is appropriate, while still providing the information that the employer wants. (How to create an online resume?)


Infographic Resume

Infographic resume consists of visual elements (colors, images, diagrams, etc.) with or without text. An ordinary resume uses the text to show your work and education history as well as your skills. But an infographic resume the layout element, color, design, formatting, icons and fonts used to present your information.

Resume with profiles

A resume with a profile has a few words about your skills, experiences and goals (the purpose or the desire or the decision, or whatever you want to get to your job) that is relevant to your job. This summary text (profile) has a limited number of sentences that speaks of why this person is suitable for this job. Adding a profile is very useful. If you have a lot of experience, the profile can explain those experiences to the manager in a few short words. And if you do not have a lot of work history, a profile can also display the skills you have. (Approved Resume for Amazon Employee Manager)


Purposeful resume

A purposeful resume displays the skills that are most relevant to your job. Changing a typical resume to a targeted resume is a tough task. So, to make a targeted resume, it's best to not use the previous ones you wrote and write a new and purposeful resume. It's a good idea to create a targeted resume that matches your work history and skills. As a conclusion, when you send a standard resume to the employer, it can be easier for you to understand why you are suitable for this particular job. 
Remember it! In the first step, the employer looks at how your resume is being written, rather than thinking about whether you are fit for this job or not. (How to write a resume to interview recruiting directors?)


creative resume

A creative resume is a special type of resume that may include photos, graphics, charts, and other visual elements. This resume can be an online resume or a real resume (printed) along with infographics (pictures). This resume model can even be video or social networking sites (like LinkedIn ). The unorthodox resume is great for artistic jobs and jobs requiring creativity, such as those who want to demonstrate their skills in visual designs or to create a website page that can use this resume model. 
This resume is a creative and good way for you to show yourself differently - not just for creative and creative jobs - but for every other job. (How do we create a resume that attracts the opinion of the employer?)

Mini resume 

A short resume, including brief descriptions of your job and your skills .This resume only contains information related to your requested job or the industry of that job. Most of the time your standard resume will be enough, but a mini-resume for a network of job opportunities or job opportunities - where you meet people from different industries- is very good and appropriate. 
You can use a mini-resume that's in touch with people and want to give your information to the potential manager or employer who may be among them. 



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